Season 1, episode 5.

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Tommy wants to go to State University, but Stacey has her heart set on a small liberal arts college back east. Merton wants to study with Professor Flugelhoff in Heidelberg. Meanwhile, the Tri Chi sorority house loses a member after she was turned into a statuette by its leader, Christy. They need another member to abide by chapter guidelines, and decide to recruit off-campus at Pleasantville High's college fair. Stacey joins the sorority after being hexed, and believes she's out of Tommy's league. Tommy and Merton discover the true nature of the sorority and enter the sorority house to do battle. Tommy turns Christy against her friend Kim, and they turn themselves and the other witches into statuettes. Stacey is released from her spell and has no idea how she got there and returns to normal. She decides to study harder to get into an Ivy League school. Tommy also thinks of doing the same, but as a quarterback.

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