Tori is all sunshine and ponies and turns her "o" into a smiley face and dots her "i" with a heart. She subscribes to Pony World, has an "I'm a Pony Person" button that she wears proudly (and an extra one for Tommy!), and loves summer vacation.

Tommy starts dating her because he's fresh from his break-up with Lori just two episodes before and he has a fear of being alone forever. They meet in math class and start out strong, but really have nothing in common. Turns out, Tori is on the rebound too.

  • Tori: "I love summer vacation!"
  • Tommy: "Oh my gosh, you like summer vacation too? It's like we're soulmates!" (Pause) "So, do you like kick-boxing?"
  • Tori: "No. But I like ponies!"
  • Tommy: (Awkward chuckle) "Yeah, me too."
    Big wolf pony person

    The "I'm a Pony Person" button.


This character is played by Maggie Castle, the sister of Lori Baxter's Aimée Castle.


  • Pony World Magazine Subscriber
  • A Pony Person



The name Tori is English for "winner" or "conqueror".