In Being Tommy Dawkins, there is a portal into Tommy's head in the janitor's closet that lets an inhabitant (Merton, then Bucky Offendahl, Lori, and Tommy) out randomly into the boy's washroom.

  • Tommy: "How?"
  • Merton: "You wanna know how? It's obviously some sort of, you know, paradimensional, quasi-metabolical....You kinda zee, idea. But it was so cool!"

The premise is based on Being John Malcovich. A person in the room can hear all of Tommy's thoughts, and Tommy can hear whatever that person says, though he can't see them. There is a large eye-shaped screen that sees whatever Tommy sees and turns off when Tommy enters his own head. The whole room will shake if Tommy is eating something. If anyone or anything falls inside of Tommy's head, it will cause him great pain.

The room itself is white, and it has many assorted items in it.


  • A giant chair with a similar pattern to Tommy's bedspread in Dances Without Wolves
  • A bucket of fried chicken from the Hungry Bucket and a large soda, one on each side of the chair
  • A Babewatch poster
  • A bench press
  • A poster of a car at sunset
  • A red ball with no lines that may be a kickball or a dodge ball
  • A basketball hoop
  • A poster for Dragon Master, a kung fu movie

Gaming ControllerEdit

The gaming controller in his head is very important and it has 3 levels of "game play": 1 Player, 2 Player, and Manual Overdrive.

1 PlayerEdit

Things go on as mentioned above. This is the default setting for a person's mind.

Manual OverdriveEdit

Yes, it says "overdrive", not "override". Complete control over the person's body. Every word Merton speaks, Tommy says. Merton can control his movements all the way down to cartwheels. Unless a person is really trying for authenticity while taking over someone's body, Manual Overdrive can appear very suspicious.

2 PlayerEdit

This level is never chosen in the episode. It is unknown what this would look like. Since it is in between the other two on the menu of options the controller gives a "player", one assumption could be that the setting is somewhere in between the two extremes of Tommy having control and of the other person having control. What some sort of middle ground between the two would look like is a mystery.