The Big Wolf on Campus theme song is written and performed by Danny Smith, the actor who plays Merton J. Dingle.


I used to own this town
Now it's all turned upside-down
I wish I could figure out
Do you think
It's just a phase I'm going through?
Just a phase I'm going through?


One notable thing about the theme song is that it is mentioned twice within the show as being written by the character Merton Dingle.

Merton is working on writing a song for a competition. Instead of "I used to own this town", his lyrics read "I used to own this hamlet". He also tries out "burg". Death points out that "town" would rhyme a lot better. Merton thinks that's too easy, but he gives in because, well, it's Death.
Rather than taking Tommy or Merton's souls, Death settles for taking the song.
At the end of the episode, Tommy and Lori and Merton play an instrumental version of the song with Lori on drums, Merton on guitar, and Tommy on bass.
When Merton creates the crime-fighting group the Defenders of Decency, he uses the song as their theme song, without the line "I wish I could figure out".

Danny Smith stops the song in the middle of the last unofficial episode, The Sum of All Fears, to announce that he wrote it..