Professor Flugelhoff is a professor at the University of Heidelburg in Germany. He has written countless texts on lycanthropy and even came up with a cure for it. The cure was fatal, though, and he created a serum from the blood of the werewolf he "cured" with plans to use it to create an army of werewolves.

Professor Flugehoff is in a wheelchair. He has a lover named Helga who travels with him. He loves the musical stylings of David Hasselhoff.

He is working on his doctoral thesis during Flugelhoff!.

He auditions for a part on Baywatch when his plan for world domination with an army of werewolves fails.

He appears in Flugelhoff!. Merton reads some of his work, in German, in Pilot.

This character is played by Vlasta Vrana.


Helga is Professor Flugelhoff's lover, though they may or may not be married. She throws him down the stairs, wheelchair and all, at the Dingle residence. Upon instruction from Flugelhoff, she wolfs Tommy out by squeezing a pressure point on his thigh.

Flugelhoff calls her incompetent when he realizes she didn't take the David Hasselhoff CD out of the Volkswagen like he asked her to.

When Tommy realizes he's been cured, he kisses Helga on the cheek.

She injures Merton's nose.

She does not have any lines. Perhaps she knows very little English.

This character is played by Dale Hayes.