Melissa is a gorgon from the Greek island of Mykonos. She is more commonly known by the name Medusa. She has the power to shoot beams from her eyes that turn people to stone. She will not date regular mortals. She is not used to taking no for an answer, and she is a very jealous creature.

Making eye-contact with her allows her to turn her victim to stone, and she has snakes she can call out of her head that can put a potential victim in a trance.

She was defeated when her snakes put her in a trance as she was turned toward a car mirror from Merton's hearse.


This character is played by Victoria Sanchez.


  • Art


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  • Melissa is a Greek name meaning "bee". Gorgonopolis because Melissa is a gorgon.

Uses of PowerEdit

Melissa's partner in art class. He made fun of her sculpture. She wanted an A, so she found a way to get one. She further worked on him by chiseling at him.
  • Mallet
She broke her mallet chiseling at the stone body of Art Class Student, so she made herself a new one out of a block of clay and the handle from the old one.
  • Pleasantville High Facebook
She turned it to the page that had Lori on it. She was jealous of the fact Tommy wanted Lori and not her, and she turned the facebook to stone, shattering it on the ground.
  • Trashcan
Tommy lifted a trashcan to throw at her, but she turned it to stone, the weight causing him to fall over.
  • Branches of a Tree
The tree folded over, trapping Lori.
  • The Side of the Park Gazebo
This temporarily trapped Tommy's arm.
Her intention was to hit Tommy Dawkins, but Merton jumped in front of Tommy, sacrificing himself.
  • Herself
Lori held up the hearse's mirror and Tommy held Melissa's head in place. She turned herself to stone.