Maxwell Fong is an "extremely dangerous" man. He owns an underground fighting ring at which he cheats dirtily, and his prized pet is the rare face-eating wombat. Merton describes him as "a keeper of ancient secrets, a master of the dark arts, and an above-average Scrabble player."

Although on good enough terms with Merton to be a guest on Merton's failed talk show and to apparently have played Scrabble with him, he poisoned Merton with the antidote that turned him back from stone, causing him to need a second antidote. The odds of surviving the chai dao berry poison were 50/50, and Merton would have been permanently blind if Tommy hadn't fought Fong's champion. Fong cheated with some good old silver nitrate, but Tommy made a comeback when the dart was pulled out.


This character is played by Glenn Bang.