While Jenny makes an appearance in only one episode, it is very interesting to note that she is the first friend of Tommy's who still recognizes him in the Chuck-iverse. Since his greatest fear in season 2 that he had to conquer was being alone forever (romantically, and maybe platonically), this probably meant a lot to him.

Jenny is a cheerleader and seems to be very nice. When she shows him the new flyers for the school play of Grease, she tells him he's going to make a great Danny Zuko. She seems not to like Chuck's arrogance, unlike Lori.

She says to Tommy in the alternate universe, "Of course I know you." This implies a close relationship, whether platonic or romantic.


This character is played by Sarah Smyth.


  • Pleasantville High Cheerleading Squad
  • Pleasantville High Drama Club


Interested in HerEdit


Jenny is short for Jennifer, English for "fair maiden" or "white wave". Another character named Jennifer Hopper is seen in the Tri Chi Sorority.