Class PresidentEdit

In The Bookmobile, Tommy says Brett Johnson is the class president. However, the entire plot of Hellection revolves around deciding on a class president, and that ends up being Hillary Choate.

Possible ExplanationsEdit

  • Brett could have been the class president of the junior class the year before, making him a part of Tommy's class and also the student Tommy would still think of as the class president until elections were held.

Homecoming DanceEdit

King Budelmhar the Lesser wants Stacey Hanson to be his queen because he saw a poster of her in the museum that said she was homecoming queen. However, in Pleased to Eat You, Tommy is chosen as homecoming king, and this is after Stacey has left the school to pursue college.

Possible ExplanationsEdit

  • The homecoming queen is not limited to seniors and Stacey was queen the year before.
  • Stacey was a senior the year before and is doing her senior year over. It is unclear why she would do this, and in Pilot she says she's known Tommy since the second grade, but perhaps she skipped a grade and decided to do senior year over.

Stacey's ExitEdit

Stacey has her birthday at the school, which is October 25. Yet, she has been gone for 2 months before the football season ends. Even with an unnaturally long football season, Christmas would have to take place with Stacey still around, meaning Lori would not be in the picture at all yet.

Possible ExplanationsEdit

  • It is unclear whether there really is an explanation for this one, actually, besides that Merton was exaggerating when he said Stacey had been gone for 2 months, but it seems unlikely.
  • Tommy's calendar was a misprint.