Bronco "Nasty" Nastanovich was a football player on Pleasentville's Catholics in the 1930's.


He attended Pleasentville Catholics in the 1930's. During one game he hit his head on the post and died. However, before he died he swore that he would never let his team lose again.

He kept this promise for sixty-one years, until he met Tommy Dawkins who, using his werewolf powers, was able to avoid Nasty's tricks.

Angered by this he decided to haunt Tommy till he could kill him for making him break his promise, following Tommy after the game.

Following Milton's idea, the gang summoned him. After he explained his motives, he made a deal, one fight. If Tommy won he would move on, if he won Tommy would die. With a little help from Lori (before he knocked her out) Tommy was able to defeat Nasty by throwing him onto his own dedication.

Defeated he kept his side of the deal, and pasted on, however its shown he sometimes comes back to give his team a little help, every so often.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As a ghost Nasty was quite powerful, he could only be seen or heard if he wanted others to see him, to the point of appearing invisible to everyone but one person, although he still appeared in high definition photos. He could also teleport over great distances.

He could also control the whether or not he was corporeal, allowing others to pass through him (when doing so at least one person felt a strange sensation). As he is dead he can not be killed. He can however be hurt and even bested.

As well as his supernatural powers, he is also very good at football, and very strong, thus making him a dangerous opponent, even to Tommy with his werewolf powers.