Full name Rebecca Maria Conchita Dingle, Becky is the only character on Big Wolf on Campus to have a middle name, much less two. She is the younger sister of Merton J. Dingle and he makes sure she never forgets it.

Becky has been afraid of drowning since she was a kid. When she was 7, Merton performed a frontal lobotomy on her favorite teddy bear, Sir Snuggleton, and he says this is the reason for her sour disposition. He used to amuse her by doing this character named Mr. Crazypants.

Becky gets caught up in supernatural things more often than Tommy's brother Dean does. The Pleasantville Strangler possesses her and makes her try to choke Tommy, she gets possessed by a demon that comes from her temporary locker reassignment and probably would have become one, she is terrorised by a cerberus, she is one of the first to become reprogrammed into a robot, she has to face her greatest fear, she finds a Genie, and she gets sent to an alien planet. Fortunately, she doesn't remember any of it, except for the Phobiist and the cerberus, and she assumes the cerberus was actually the Pleasantville Werewolf.

She strives for popularity, and seems to have trouble with her self-esteem to the extent that she puts down her best friend Heidi all the time and pretends she's an only child. She does everything she can to keep Merton away from her most of the time, but sometimes she's grateful he's her big brother.

According to Becky, she waited outside Tommy's house after hearing he broke up with Lori.

Due to her sour attitude, constant cynicism, and relishing in the pain of others (especially her brother); she's considered an unlikable bitch, according to the fans. 


This character is played by Nathalie Vansier.


  • Pleasantville High School


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  • Drowning
  • Being labeled a dork


Rebecca is Hebrew for "snare". Maria is Latin for "sea of bitterness". Conchita is a form of the name Concepcion, "A name honoring the immaculate conception of the Virgin Mary".

Nicknames for MertonEdit

  • Freakenstein
  • Count Dorkula
  • Freaker
Scary Terri, The Exor-Sis
  • Dorky Chan